You know you’re British when you order tea at Starbucks


First let me say that Americans seem to be obsessed with Starbucks, I really don’t get what the frenzy is over Starbucks, paying $6 for a drink when you could make it at home for less than $1. But Everyone seems to have no problem paying those premium prices for coffee nowadays and my friend goes here all the time to get her Mocha coffee with whip cream and sugar, which I don’t think is Coffee at that point but almost a dessert.

Anyways my friend’s excuse is that it’s a great place to get some work done and I agree, I tend to begin to slack off when at home, when I should be studying or working on my business. But at home you just get relaxed and albeit a bit lazy.

In Michigan there seems to be various places to get some coffee, Starbucks of course but also a store called Caribbou Coffee and Bigby Coffee, Biggby is more like fast food of coffee and doesn’t have too much ambiance.

Starbucks and Caribbou is very similar but my friend always prefers Starbucks because they have this blueberry muffin she really likes..

What is funny is I had another “you know you’re British when…” moment the other day, we went to Starbucks with 3 of my other buddies to “get work done” but really we just wanted to go outside, spend bit of money and chit chat.

All my friends ordered coffee naturally, but I ordered tee. My friends looked at me like I was crazy, especially me being British and ordering in my accent especially made it funny for them. Naturally they said comments like “does British people only drink tea?” in a good-hearted joking way. WHich made me laugh at the reality and truth of that. yes we Brits love our teas and I don’t think we will ever get away from that. It is like in our DNA and we drink it whenever we gather with friends in a public area and take sips on tea and talk about 100 different topics.

You can almost say it is tea not alcohol that holds the social fabric of Great country of Britain! Yes it is that important to our existence and our culture.

Without tea many of the wonderful groups and treaty, not to mention many babies that were born as a result of man and a woman meeting during a tea break!

At first I was bit embarrassed of showing my Brit sides, when I was trying hard to adapt and mold into American society, however this was then replaced by another feeling of acceptance to own my Brit side no matter how silly that may be, and express it honestly as something to be valued because it makes me unique.

With that feeling behind me, I stood confidently and told them the cultural background about tea drinking instead of being ashamed of it. And my friends listen intently with great interest.

In the several months I’ve been getting Americanized, somethings may be better to remain as they are. Britain qualities, because that’s who I am and I should accept those parts of myself instead of rejecting it. There was a big lesson there for me about self-acceptance.

It is wonderful to be Britain and this blog has been in a way therapeutic for me, to express those inner conflicts I have of trying to change myself and better myself which should be on-going to self-acceptance. It is a fine balance.